The Jihad in the Quran and its history

The defensive war against the enemies of the Islamic faith in Allah as revealed in the Noble Quran

Al-Baqarah and the war against the infidels, atheists and hypocrites who practice and eat banking and financial interests (riba)

In ancient Greece, Aristotle (384 – 322 BC) qualifies the practice of lending interest as detestable because it involves creating money from itself, while the currency was created for exchange, not to serve herself. On the side of monotheistic traditions, the Orthodox Jewish tradition also very clearly condemns this practice and it was only, apparently, that the return of the Babylonian captivity was authorized loan interest for non-Jews exclusively.

The Catholic Church was initially very opposed to the practice of interest, basing its firm position on the very explicit biblical text on this subject.

And so it was under the impetus of the Evangelical Protestant Calvin in the sixteenth century that the authorization of the practice of loan interest was given to Protestants, who subsequently with the fall of Joan of Arc in France, the practice of loan for interest spread to the entire Christian community, and today to the terrestrial paradise of the Alawites and Benkiran in Morocco (the false muslims) and in the Arab monarchies of the Gulf territories, just as in the Black African Masonic Union under the impulse of the evangelical Christians.

La déclaration de guerre contre Allah par le pouvoir financier et le système bancaire mondial avec la Riba interdite dans le Coran
The declaration of war against Allah by the financial power and the world banking system with the banned Riba in the Quran

It is also reported from the mouth of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon Him) : « God cursed the one who feeds on usury, the one who offers it, the one who testifies to it and the one who makes the contract. »

Muslim scholars have deduced that the Muslim believer should not lend his money with interest, or even use the loan at interest and even legalize this evil practice in the land of Islam, because this practice gives Iblis / Satan as associate with Allah. Faced with the emergence of new banking practices, during the twentieth century, Muslim scholars have questioned.

In 1965, a commission of Muslim jurists from 36 countries met in Egypt, at al-Azhar in Cairo, to rule on the question of interest. They unanimously confirmed this prohibition, because this practice gives Iblis / satan as associate with Allah by reducing the populations in slavery, especially the Muslim populations governed by mafias of the finance, the trade and the economy close to the Protestant monarchies, but also close to the United States, the atheists tyrans and the new Orthodox Russian empire, which also practices bank and financial interest loans, just like Morocco who declared war on Allah with recidivism of practices bank and financial interest loans in muslim land.

Morocco and all the Muslim countries having thus embraced the cult of Evangelical Protestants Anglo-Saxon and the United States, then allies of Donald Trump that are the Russians of Vladimir Putin well established in Syria with its military bases with their financial and commercial temple in Jerusalem, the Templar and Teutonic crusaders that Saladine expelled from Jerusalem who are plotting to rebuild this Temple of finance and world commercial trade are therefore receiving the announcement of a war from Allah and from his servant which calls for the formation of an Islamic army that must respond by millions to this worldwide call for jihad, especially when the allies of the world-wide financial and commercial power of Evangelical Protestants headed by Donald Trump have moved their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in forming this international coalition with atheist world power of all their flags under the leadership of AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) established in 1951 United States to support Israel and to provide generous Christian and military financial assistance to Israel with Christian and athesit Zionism in the world, and the same year, January 9, 1951, the premises of the United Nations Central Administration are inaugurated. At New York. To date, this financial lobby of Israel in the United States born of Christian Protestantism considers the entire city of Jerusalem as its capital.

Of which below the list of crusaders nations enemies of Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) with Morocco and the Arab monarchies who practice this curse of Allah in the land of Islam by being part of this coalition of financial and banking interests.

List : United States, Hungary, Paraguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Romania under the leadership of Viorica Dancila. In addition, Brazil, Australia and the Czech Republic have expressed the wish to move their embassies to Jerusalem by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Similarly, Togo, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and the Marshall Islands, and it is obvious that if Juan Guaido takes the lead of the state of Venezuela, then Venezuela will move his embassy to Jerusalem, which amounts to that their symbolic number of 33 for the evangelicals which corresponds to the vote by the 33 nations of the resolution 181 of the United Nations on November 1947, and later for the appearance of their false Messiah.

Evangelicals consider that the very existence of the state of Israel will bring Jesus back to earth, will definitely recognize him as Messiah and will ensure the triumph of God over the forces of evil, while the Jewish people will convert to Christianity. Christian Zionism has gradually developed in the United States, where it has become part of the evangelical right and enjoys the benevolence of the neoconservative and liberal anti-Muslim movement, just as it enjoys in France a benevolence on the part from unbelievers and unfaithful French leaders where evangelical churches grow like mushrooms, unlike mosques, financing interest loans by the global financial power of evangelicals obliges to buy the 6 million of unbelievers in the public services of France in their crusade against the owner of this website, but also to buy the liberal economy of Emmanuel Macron copied on the Christian Evangelical economic model to Chancellor Angela Merkel where when she was young at the age of her 20s she was a member of atheist communist movement in RDA.

For the evangelicals, Islam, China and the Catholic Church are the absolute enemies. In fact, evangelicals believe that when all Jews or an overwhelming majority of Jews are gathered in the Land of Israel, their false Messiah will return to Earth. For the evangelicals, the return of their false Messiah to Israel will be an opportunity for Jews to welcome him and to be forgiven for rejecting him. They would then become Christians as the atheist and the false muslims who will follow him and are fighting the owner of this website.

Muslim Technology from the 14th century with the torpedo rocket from the 14th century for jihad
14th century Muslim technology with torpedo rocket for naval jihad

The Arab monarchies and Morocco who are part of this Protestant Christian coalition of the Evangelicals, just like Russia’s imperial finance at the head of the orthodox Christian coalition approaching Jerusalem, as well as Imperial China with its dragon as emblem to the head of the world atheist coalition in crusade and war against Allah, against His divine decree, against His last Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) having foretold the victory of the Muslim armies on earth forming coalition with the Muslim army of the Muslims jinn in the 7 skies localized in a universe parallel to our universe with all their fleet of spaceships and reinforced by an army of Angels under the command of Allah.

Muslims around the world, the last of the battles, the one of all time, is for Jerusalem to free the Muslim populations from slavery, tyranny and oppression of a global financial power that has corrupted your leaders who have sold you and your childrens with chains to their necks, to their feets and to their hands.

And it is all the armies of the seven skies subject to the command of Allah that will start with an inter-dimensional jihad with the muslims soldiers on Earth, just as revealed in the Noble Quran shown below on video which is none other than Allah’s declaration of war against the socialist and communist atheist oppression and against the Christian world wide armies, but also against the armies of the hypocrites who a coalition with the enemies of Allah who give Satan / Iblis as associate with Allah, saying that the usurious interest is quite legal as slavery therefore, and that the slavery of the Arab and non-Arab Muslim populations by atheistic, hypocritical and assocative populations and nations (the infidels to Allah) would be legal ?

The world wide jihad him is legal and it is without borders with the armies of Muslims jinn in the 7 skies reinforced by the Angels of Allah with the Islamic humans armies on earth that you can discover in the video shown below, but also on UFOs OF THE MUSLIMS DJINN

The dazzling victory of the armies of the 7 skies and of the earth against all the enemies of Allah

Historical List of Jihad in Islamic Peace of Muslims

Below, a small part of the number of battles throughout history that Muslims had to fight with their swords to preserve their faith in Allah and that of their children, it is huge and it goes to China with the battle of Talas.

Badr (624) – Uhud (625) – Medina (627) – Khaybar (628) – Mecca (630) – Muta (629) – Ajnadin (634) – Bosra (634) – Marj Rahit (634) – Wadi al-Arabah (634) – Yarmuk (634) – Damascus (635) – Fihl (635) – Marj as-Suffar (635) – Yarmuk (636) – Jerusalem (638) – Aleppo (639) – Hafir (633) – Hira (633) – Mazar (633) – Ullais (633) – Walaja (633) – Ain Tamar (634) – Babylon (634) – the Bridge (634) – Firadz (634) – Nimaraq (634) – Buwayb (635) – Qadisiyya (636) – Jalula (637) – Madain (637) – Heliopolis (640) – Pelusium (640) – Babylon (640-641) – Alexandria (641-642) – Nehavend (641) – Nubia (641-652) – Alexandria (645) – Mount Phoenix (654) – Amorium (669) – Syllaeum (677) – Sebastopol (692) – Sufetula (647) – Biskra (683) – Mams (688) – Carthage (697-698) – Talas (751) – Constantinople (717-718) – Adiranople (718) – Akroinos (739)

Total list of all the battles over Jihad fisabilillah that the true Muslims had to deliver through the finest sword blades of Islam with the jihad which is a decree of Allah revealed very clearly in the Quran against their enemies

Ottoman archer from the Islamic Caliphate to Jihad that the hypocritical Arabs and black Africans fell in 1922 with their French and British disbelieving allies fighting alongside them during the First World War
Ottoman archer from the Islamic Caliphate to Jihad that the hypocritical Arabs and black Africans fell in 1922 with their French and British disbelieving allies fighting alongside them during the First World War

Now, that the false muslim scholars of the palaces of corruption in massonic secular arabic and black african union as in the French atheism land at the service of evangelical financial world power to build their third temple and bring in their false antichrist messiah, their polar Bethléem Star of Sion do not come to say that jihad is not part of the Islam, or that it is not dedicated to the armed defense of the holy places of Islam, of faith in Allah and to ensure the glorious victory of Islam over all other religions, including atheism , secularism and Christianity crusade of evangelicals in war against the Muslim world, because the proofs are before you.

And it’s a warning to all rebels atheist or conspiracy plunged against the author of this website after touching the physical and moral integrity of his five years old daughter Marwa and after separating her from his father.

Enemies of the author of this website, who follow him and spy on him after entering to his home illegally, know that an Islamic army of millions of Muslim soldiers will march on to destroy you and free all Muslim populations from your atheist tyranny and your world wide oppression, as well as the other non-Muslim populations will be freed from this worldwide oppression of the financial, banking and commercial power of the Christian Zionist infidels and the unbelieving Zionist unbelievers.

Just as Jerusalem will be liberated again by becoming the single and indivisible capital of the Islamic caliphate and placed under the authority of Muslims after being taken back from the hands of atheist oppression close to communism and world socialism, but also released from the hands of evangelical crusaders and their Arab allies, traitors like those of the Maghreb in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, and in this Black African Masonic Union with their immigrants in Europe and their fake scholars of corruption and desorder, because we are geting into the first stage of the battle of the end of all time.

And know very clearly this all the enemies of the author of this website and of the Peace and of Islam, that if you use your space armies with its very high technology, then the army of the 7 skies, that of the Muslims Jinn and Angels of Allah will come into action with their very, but very high space technology in this war against absolute evil, corruption with dollars and euros that is in the West with the United States of America, in Israel, in Russia in Europe, France, the United Kingdom, India, Black African massonic Union, the Caribbean, South America, Australia, Canada and China.