The call for the defense of the 3 holy places of Islam


In the name of Allah The Merciful, The Greatest

How the global conspiracy of the children of Israel was set up after declaring war on Islam and on the laws of Allah The Greatest with its Freemasonry having financed the crusade of Orthodox Christian, Catholics and Protestant monarchies in order to bring down the Islamic Caliphate of the Ottomans in 1922 while supporting this revolt against the Ottomans on Arab nationalism, on ethnic, racial and tribal minorities, and not only on Kurds and Armenians tribal cult, so that later the British could crown the Arab monarchies, and others in France and Russia, set up nationalism and secular Arab regimes Republics in the land of Islam, so that later in 1948, both parties set up this global conspiracy ultimately lead to the creation of a secular state of Israel based and manipulating jewish religion with ay his head the socialist and atheist David Ben Gurion political party MAPAÏ

islamic caliphate ottoman
The Islamic caliphate of the ottoman

And later in 1989, lead to the creation of a New World Federal masonic Rrder of yhe Evangelist, Socialist, Atheist and Arab Monarchies with the fall of the Berlin wall uniting the Western Anglo-Saxon bloc with the Republics Popular Socialists atheist bloc during the celebration of the bicentenary French secular masonic revolution (disbelief and infidelity to the laws of Allah) by the atheist people of France to move to the final stage of an international coalition against the Islamic law of Allah and bring the false Messiah of globalization World Monarchies and atheist beleive in Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, the Antichrist, the King of the Kings of the United Nations, the unbeliever in Allah and unfaithful in Allah (kafir)


black virgin antichrist of the caribbean island
The black virgin antichrist of the caribbean islands

The antichrist of Massih Ad-Dajjal above the United Nations People’s Union who thinks of himself as God and who is none other than the false God of the unfaithful Jews and Christians to the law of God (kafiroune) and peoples struck by God the hypocrisy that is the fake Muslims (mounafikoun), as well as the socialist republics, atheists and secular world movement purchased and corrupted by the world financial and trade empire

The false Messiah of the prostitute of Babylon in the parabolic representation of the black God of the feminists with the frizzy and blond hair that are the prostitutes of the globalization with their tower of Babel (Pyramid) illuminated by the masonic eye of the Jesuits with this cult of the eye, surveillance, conspiracy and Masonic espionage of supporters of the false Messiah of the Christians who goes back to the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs with their king of kings, the divine child of the black virgin adored and venerated by Christians , whose account of the American astronaut Gordon Cooper corroborates the diary of Christopher Columbus of a night of 14 October 1492 that the Vatican censures in his secret archives, Gordon Cooper who during his travels in the Earth’s orbit, the US government had also asked him to look for possible nuclear threats from enemy nations, including socialist popular republics like Cuba and the Soviet Union

The revelation of the Holy Qur’an on Al-Mahdi and Jesus to reclaim Jerusalem


And whose code name of the antichrist is SA-GEL backwards for THE THAW (DAJJAL, DEJJEL), the athéist misbeliever with curly hair and red skin that will melt like snow in the Sun for a Sun King of origin from the Caribbean island in the west indies (Antilles, Martinique, Guadaloupe, Haiti) who seeks to take the identity of the owner of this website with the complicity of the French authorities. To better understand it is essential to read the diary of Christopher Columbus hidden in the secret archives of the Vatican in Roma, which is none other than the single one eye of the surveillance and spying illuminated by this website with the blessing of his French head of state in Paris who is part of the Jesuit sect, the cursed sect of the Jesuits in Roma and in Paris, of which Francis the first is the last pope of the empire of Rome (Surat Ar-Rum), the blond with curly hair and red skin that in any case must not enter in the 3 holy cities of Islam in Mecca and Medina, and especially not in Jerusalem so as not to enter its desecration whose evidence of its acts of torture, inhuman and degrading the more despicable with the complicity of the French authorities on a little girl of 5 year old of age who is none other than the descendants of Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) are shown in the video before you.

Umm Sharīk (raa) asked the Prophet (sws) :
« When the antichrist sees Jesus, he will begin to melt like salt in the water and will flee. Jesus will pursue him saying: I have a blow to give you and you will not escape me ! »

According to ‘Abdullah Ibn’ Amr Ibn Al ‘As (ra), the Messenger of God (sws) said :
« The Charlatan will go out among my community and will remain there forty – I do not know whether it is forty days, or forty months, or forty years -. Exalted God will then send Jesus, son of Mary, who will look for him and give him a blow so strong that it will melt salt in the water. ». (Sahih Muslim)