Charlie Hebdo and the Police plot against Islam

In The name of Allah The most Mercyful, The Greatest

Charlie hebdo police
Terrorist policemen hooded Charlie hebdo case, because have you ever seen Muslim terrorists who know they will die hide their identity under hoods and leave their ID in a car ?

Video evidence that the Charlie Hebdo attacks were set up to serve the interests of atheist and antichrist occult powers in France.

This video has been censored several times, and even removed from all websites, because France fell under the censorship, the dictatorship and the Muslims of France under the blow of oppression and tyranny by the occult powers of atheists and evangelists in crusade against Islam and against the French-speaking, non-Arab Muslim Mehdi.

Networks of occult powers in France in the Masonic Police under the orders of feminists, monarchies, evangelicals, Zionism and atheism with the case of Charlie hebdo of neither Allah nor master, without faith, laws and obedience to the laws of Allah the Most High.
masonic networks powers in France
Masonic occult powers in France in the police, the justice, public services with organise crime to the top pyramid of the the state

Muslim people and individuals believers from all over the world, do no be longer manipulated by this people who have no fear of settling accounts before Allah who is not one eyed like their God, their King of Kings « Al-Malik », and does not fear them more, because the freedom of the Muslims man and the Muslim women who have been oppressed and tyrannized for too long is coming to an end, free the Muslim peoples from this oppression of the evangelists with their financial and commercial power which reduces the Muslim populations in slavery with the practice of the interests, and free the Muslim populations from this tyranny and oppression of the atheists people who have become allies against you, your reward in the day of judgment will remain eternal compared to this life of the earth, their reward, and do no longer shed the blood of the Muslim populations all over the world, be welcomed muslim soldiers as liberators by Muslim populations, Jerusalem is waiting for you all. do not longer embrace anymore the corruption of the enemies of Allah who sow disorder in the land of Islam and all over the world with their temple of financial and commerce power in Jerusalem, be obedient to the orders of Allah, The All Mighty revealed in the noble and Holy Qu’ran.

The final victory for the sake of Allah will come back to Muslims, not to the atheists people, nor to the evangelists with their new world order.