Allah and His Justice on Earth

In The Name of Allah, The Most Mercyful, The Greatest

islamic law of Allah in muslim land
The application of Islamic justice in the land of Islam for an Islamic caliphate with the Law of Allah and all over the world where is the Muslim population

Allah and His Justice on earth against the shaytane, against the corruption, and the partisans of the occult powers gathered in sect under the power of Satan against Al-Mahdi of French language, the non Arab who through this internet site, launches the call for the formation of the Islamic army in order to take back Jerusalem, and block the path of the false Messiah of the evangelical monarchies and atheists, their king of kings who take themselves for God, Muslims of the whole world, answer the call to protect Medina and the Mecca of the defilement of their king of kings, do not give associate with Allah in the kingship and governance of the worlds.

And whose code name of the antichrist is SA-GEL backwards for THE THAW (DAJJAL, DEJJEL), the blond with curly hair and red skin that will melt like snow in the Sun for a Sun King of origin from the Caribbean Islands in the west indies (Antilles, Martinique, Guadaloupe, Haïti) who will seek to take the identity of the owner of this website. To better understand, you must read the diary of Christopher Columbus which is hidden in the secret archives of the Vatican in Roma, and his none other than the single one eye of surveillance and spying illuminated by this website with the blessings from the French authorities who must never enter the 3 holy cities of Islam in Mecca and Medina, but especially not in Jerusalem for his desecration, with the evidence of his acts of torture, inhuman and degrading the most despicable with the blessings of the French authorities on a little girl of 5-year-old whose evidence are before you, the little girl which is not other than the descendants of Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him).

The time of the union between the Muslims of every nation and every language has come to prevent the smearing of the false Messiah of the enemies of Islam from entering Jerusalem, in order to block their way to Medina and Mecca, as Saladin did at one time with his armies, and after Donald Trump moved his embassy in Jerusalem as well as the flag of finance and world trade, thus taking possession of this holy city of Jerusalem being followed by all his allies who unite by moving their flags also to Jerusalem, to protect Medina and Mecca from the defilement of their false antichrist and Antichrist Messiah.

al-aqsa mosque in Jerusalem
The real Al-Aqsa Mosque that has nothing to do with the dome of the so-called Omar Mosque