Allah and the 7 skies of humans and jinn

Surat 67 Al-Mulk (kingship) / verse 3: « He (Allah) who created seven superimposed skies without you seeing disproportion in the creation of the All-Merciful. Bring [on her] the look. Do you see any breach ? » Including in the universe of jinn and human beings ?

Answer : not yet, but surat 84 Al-insiqaq (the tear / breach) shown below provides the very clear answer of the imminence of this tear, this breach that will open up in the jinn universes and human beings

Because the false muslims, the corrupt ones do not fight the enemies of Allah who are the atheists, the without faiths, nor laws and that they collaborate with them, just as they pact with the sects of the Christian monarchy, but also with the atheistic and secular monarchy close to pedophilia and acts of torture on children, especially on the children of muslims in order to reach the hearts of muslim fathers

Pharaoh at the time of Moses (as) practiced the same actions, see what happened to him and his officials, but especially where will his destiny be on the day of resurrection ?

Answer : In hell to stay there forever, of which hell will be inhabited mostly by women, as confirmed by the last warning, Mohammed (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) when he made al-Isra, the night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, and al-Miraj, the ascent from the rock in the mosque of Omar in Jerusalem to Allah to show him the future of humanity

And in particular the destiny of humanity in an eternal universe where is the world of hell and that of paradise, a universe where time is not limited unlike the universe of jinn and our universe, the one of human beings in which we live which is temporary, just like our life on earth, Allah makes it very clear in the noble Quran where He created earth to make it our bed

And what do you do in a bed, apart from what the perverse and the mentally ill will think ? you sleep in this bed, a temporary place of stay, and when the light of the day rises, then you wake up, everything is in the literal sense that fake muslims from north African and black African origin can not understand, even if they speak the Arabic language, finally the one from north africa and not the Arabic language of the time of the last Messenger Muhammad (saaws)

The same fate of hell will know the coalition of atheist and Christian evangelical monarchies, as well as the most unbelieving of all unbelievers who are the corrupted of false muslims, the hypocrites from north African and black African origin having chosen the path of the straying to the west and the path of the coalition with the atheist and Christian monarchies. The path of the astray having incurred the wrath of Allah

For they too, these misguided people of fake muslim from north and black african origin practice the same acts of torture and pedophilia on the children of non-Arab muslims as the atheist and Christian monarchies do after practicing acts of torture and sexual assault on a 5 years old girl (my daughter) after they made a pact of alliance against muslims with this coalition of atheist and Christian monarchies

Allah and the jinn and human universes

Allah and the 7 skies of humans and djinn
Allah and the 7 skies in the universes of human beings and jinn

Surat 84 Al-insiqaq (the tear / breach) if the rebellious and corrupt womens Merieme SYAQ or Fanida MERZOUK, as well as the atheist and Christian employees of the Paris City Hall with its social services and its employees of the state recover the little girl Marwa, all humanity will be wiped off the map, this warning should not be taken lightly

Allah does not love the unjust, the unfaithful, the partial, the outrageous and the rebels to His commandments, isn’t it the sects of the Christian and atheist monarchy ?

The Islamic Caliphate was revealed very clearly by Allah in the Qur’an, and the Arabs with their French and British allies brought it down in 1922 with the First World War, which means that we are at the end of time

The little muslim girl, Marwa, returns to her muslim father and under his exclusive authority, in this page, there is clear evidence for those who reason, meditate and think twice before the last judgment before Allah who has not wife, nor companion, nether queen as associate, because Allah has nothing of a human being or a jinn, and after both the faithless and lawless savages have practiced acts of torture and sexual assault on a 5 years old girl to destabilize the muslim father

Because for these savages, including those of the Paris City Hall there will be no Forgiveness, their last appointment will be the fire of hell to stay for eternity with all the people who knew and who did not act to prevent these acts of torture and sexual assault on a girl of 5 years old, and for others who did not denounce these facts of torture and sexual assault while having kidnapped the girl away from his father who was protecting his own daughter

Allah, the Sovereign of the 7 skies, the earth, the galaxy the milky way, the universes, paradise and hell for all my enemies who have become the enemies of the Angels and of Allah, The Almighty

Hell, paradise and the passages

The description of hell down below with the cursed tree whose roots that represent the cursed races of humanity, grows to the bottom of hell with for only fruit, the zaqqum, a bitter fruit of corruption that will eat the corrupt ones and in each branch of the cused tree, the heads of devils, but humans devils, because the devils are the humans just like in the universe of the jinn where there are malicious beings

The universe of paradise and hell in Islam for human beings with the celestial vault, the two doors, the tree of light and the tree of zaqoum in hell
The universe of paradise and hell in Islam for human beings with the celestial vault, the two doors, the tree of light and the tree of zaqoum in hell

As in the universe of human beings, our universe, and above the celestial vault, is the tree of light through which Allah spoke to Moses (as) in the region of Tobuk in northern Arabia, the place where Moses (as) founded his family before going on a mission of warning to Pharaoh, his monarchy of notables, hid religious priests and his officials

Quran Surat 2 Al-Baqarah / verse 49 : « And remember, when We delivered you from the people of Pharaoh, who inflicted the worst punishment on you, slaughtering your sons and sparing your wives. This was a great test from your Lord »

Evident proof that Allah is not fashioned in the image of the cruelty of human beings, whether it be a man or a woman who devotes an exclusive worship to Satan by attacking children to touch the hearts of fathers, especially the ones of true muslims who do not give Satan or a woman as associate with Him. But know this clearly man or woman who devotes his worship exclusively to Satan or to the woman by taking it for deity by obeying his orders, that your place in hell is assured is reserved for eternity

The true end of the world of high technology

The call to defend the three holy places of islam and to form the largest Islamic army of all time to prevent their king of kings from entering Jerusalem, to Medina and Mecca, their polar star, rather bipolar star yes, the one of Bethlehem and of the Arabic monarchy of hypocrites, the false muslims who have nothing to do with human being as the monarchies of Christians, atheist and secular world with their king of the kings and his occult powers within the function public and private companies, like Google, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and so many others traded on the stock exange markets of the world, their temples of the world stock markets which they plot to build this central temple of finance in Jerusalem

Because the army of the muslim jinn is already in order of battle and ready for a worldwide action to disable all system of communication and defense of the enemies of Allah, including under water, underground, in the mountains, in space, on the internet, on the telephone lines, on the computers by making all humanity return to the time of the swords and horses, or to the stone age, just as proves the UFOs of the muslim jinn to ensure the total victory of the islamic army of human muslims on earth, just as Allah has promised in His last revelation made to the last Prophet of humanity, Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)